Laughter Club Song Music Video

Benefits Of Laughter

Enhances the immune system

Relieves stress

Reduces blood pressure

Reduces pain

Increases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers

Improves lung capacity and oxygen levels

Provides a massage for internal organs

Is contagious, like yawning

May help prevent heart disease


American Journal of Medical Sciences, Alternative Therapies, Psychology Today,The Scientist of the University of Maryland Medical Center (as cited in The Orange County Register)

See Laughter Yoga live in action:


Video Blog

Enjoy our MusicVideo of The Laughter Club Song:

I suggest that you turn up your speakers and make the image large.  There are some split-screen effects you won’t want to miss!  And the 4-part harmony swingin’ singin’ is pleasant on the ears.

Extra-special thanks to Ross Costa, Kathy Burns and Lisa Morrice for spending an hysterical evening filming the bulk of the video.

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