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Benefits Of Laughter

Enhances the immune system

Relieves stress

Reduces blood pressure

Reduces pain

Increases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers

Improves lung capacity and oxygen levels

Provides a massage for internal organs

Is contagious, like yawning

May help prevent heart disease


American Journal of Medical Sciences, Alternative Therapies, Psychology Today,The Scientist of the University of Maryland Medical Center (as cited in The Orange County Register)

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Laughter Exercise of the Month

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Name:  Follow The Leader

Level of Vigor*:  1 – 9

How to Lead (for a group of up to 15 people):

1. Declare: “The next exercise is called ‘Follow the Leader.”

2. Demonstrate: “One person will laugh while doing any movement for 4 or 5 seconds. Everyone else copies them, at the level where you feel comfortable.  After a few seconds, we’ll let the next person be the Leader, and we’ll go around so everyone has a turn.”

3. Do:  “Are you ready?  Everyone copy me first.  And: GO!” (Begin performing a movement while laughing.  After a few seconds, point to another person to indicate they are to lead next.)

> Technical Note: In the World Laughter Tour school, the certified Laughter Leader performs the laughter/movements and the rest of the group copies him/her. When the Leader stops doing their movements, the exercise is over.  In the Kataria tradition the leadership role is passed to everyone (or many) in the group.

Benefits: Especially good with young people, as they succeed no matter what they do; since they choose their own expression they avoid embarrassment.  (Such “unconditional success and acceptance” can boost self-esteem.)

Variations:  If you have a large group, the Leader can choose which person(s) will do the exemplary movement/exercises. Watch the group members’ energy level – depending on the vigorousness of the person leading the exercise this could go on for anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes.

Variation:  Follow the Leader (Moving Around): Start in a line.  One person will be the head of the line.  At the command of “Go,” this person does a laughter/movement, walking ahead, and everyone copies them.  After a few seconds, the first person goes to the rear of the line while the next person in line becomes the “Leader,” everyone else copying them.  Continue, changing Leaders every five seconds or so.

Variation:  Musical Instruments: One person pretends to play a musical instrument which makes laughter sounds; everyone else copies them. Go around the group, switching the instrumentalist (everyone copies them). (Be sure to encourage them to make laughing sounds, not just “pretend musical” sounds.)

Variation:  Follow the Leader (Shadows): Start in a row, with the sun or a bright light behind such that your shadows can be seen on the ground.  The person on one end does a movement while laughing, the others (looking at their shadows on the ground) copy that person’s movement.  After a few seconds, pass the “Leader” role to the next person.  (Special thanks to Fiona Skye for coming up with this – now a Laguna Laughter Club “favorite!”)

Find Follow The Leader (and many Variations) in The Great Big Anthology of Laughter Exercises.  Click here to download.

Origin:  Timeless.

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* All sessions begin with the advice that participants may engage at whatever level they wish. The “Level of Vigor” offered is a suggestion of the intensity range at which the exercise is typically performed.

Videos of Laughter Exercises

(about one minute each)

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