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Benefits Of Laughter

Enhances the immune system

Relieves stress

Reduces blood pressure

Reduces pain

Increases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers

Improves lung capacity and oxygen levels

Provides a massage for internal organs

Is contagious, like yawning

May help prevent heart disease


American Journal of Medical Sciences, Alternative Therapies, Psychology Today,The Scientist of the University of Maryland Medical Center (as cited in The Orange County Register)

See Laughter Yoga live in action:


Programs and Services

The Laughter Yoga Institute offers state-of-the-art training, programs and events in the field of Laughter for Health.  Contact us to create a program tailored to your specific needs.

Events and Programs for Everyone

Currently offered by The Laughter Yoga Institute:

The Laughter Cruise

  • Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher Training each offers the opportunity to learn the Hasya Yoga path. Trainings may be scheduled at your workplace or studio. The program provides hands-on experience, training in a multitude of exercises, extensive access to teaching resources, and the history and philosophy of Laughter for Health. Participants in the 2-day LEADER training are awarded a “Certified Laughter Yoga Leader” diploma through our affiliation with the Dr. Kataria’s Laughter Yoga University in India. Graduates are authorized to start Laughter Clubs and to add Hasya Yoga to other practices. We also offer  One-on-One Leader Training.
  • The Laughter Yoga Teacher Training is a 5-day (or longer) program which deepens knowledge and experience in Laughter Yoga theory and practice, develops mastery of a solo laughter practice, explores yogic breathing and visualization techniques. Graduates receive a “Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher” diploma, issued and validated by the Dr. Kataria’s Laughter Yoga University,  and are trained and authorized to deliver 2-day Leader Trainings.  [We also offer One-on-One Trainings, to occur in Laguna Beach California over more than 5 days, with variable hours.  Learn about One-on-One Teacher Training.]
  • Laughter Exercise Coach Training is a 5-day intensive unique to The Laughter Yoga Institute.   Heavily experience- and coaching- based, this training is designed for existing groups (staff/personnel for hospitals, schools, clinics, etc.) to master the ability to lead Laughter Exercise sessions for their members. (It does not cover promotion to the general public.)  Graduates receive a diploma as a “Certified Laughter Exercise Coach” from the Laughter Yoga Institute.
  • LaughFit!(tm) Instructor Training is a 3-day intensive unique to The Laughter Yoga Institute.  Designed in collaboration with corporate trainer Valerie Sheppard, LaughFit!(tm) certifies wellness professionals to bring Laughter-for-Health to the world of Workplace Fitness.  Programs are tailored for populations from Beginners to Fitness-Fanatics.  Graduates of this training receive certification as a “LaughFit!(tm) Instructor” from The Laughter Yoga Institute.
  • Half- and Full-Day Workshops are regularly scheduled in California and across the nation at yoga studios, retreat centers and other community facilities.  Gibberish Training (On Demand);  Foundations of Laughter YogaSecrets of Successful Relationships (Love, Laughter and Communication).
  • Vacation Retreats are held regularly and sometimes including lodging, meals, and other amenities, such as massage, nature walks and Hatha Yoga practice.  Join us on upcoming adventures:  The Laughter Cruise and  Laughter Club Tours.  Take your group on a Laughter Retreat (several days laughing in nature).
  • For Corporate and Organizational Events Laughter Yoga is a great way to break up a long day of meetings. Laughter sessions provide invigorating and involving experiences which enable professionals to refocus and take their work more seriously, yet take themselves lightly.  An Introduction to Laughter seminar gives participants the benefits of healthy hilarity, clearer thinking and positive attitude.   Music To Make You Laugh is a concert experience  which combines Unconditional Laughter with piano performance (the repertoire ranges from Mozart & Mendelssohn  to Scott Joplin & George Gershwin) to show how composers amaze and amuse us, and how we can laugh at will.
  • Conference Inquire regarding regional, national and international Laughter Yoga Conferences we attend and support.
  • Regular Laughter Yoga Practice Practice Laughter-for Health at a Laughter Club near you, or contact us to create a regular laughter program to fit your needs.

Laughter Clubs for Everyone

The Institute creates Laughter Clubs on demand, or certified instructors can be sent to any location.

Program Descriptions

“Introduction to Laughter Yoga” Public Awareness Seminar 45 to 120 minutes. Health benefits, planetary scope, history and vision of the therapeutic laughter movement. Experiential session of the work to realize the benefits. Laugh first – feel good later.

“Laughter, Sex and Chocolate: Can we have it all?” – 45 to 90 minutes. Popular presentation (with experiential session) on the biochemistry of laughter and other sources of pleasure.  Includes chocolate-tasting segment.

Develop a Solo Laughter Practice – Coaching for individuals or small groups.  Become empowered to generate a therapeutic laughter session at any time, whenever you wish.  Never again be a victim of stress.

“Stress-Free in Seven Seconds” 60 to 90 minute workshop.  Laughter Yoga exercises selected by some of the world’s top Laughter Teachers to get out of the Critical Mind and into a place of Freedom and Joy, fast! Efficient way to free the mind, bust through stress and get in touch with being creative and feeling good again.

Special-Focus Workshops (1/2 day to 3 days), all including therapeutic laughter sessions.  Contact us to design the perfect program for your community’s needs.

Foundations of Laughter Yoga: The perfect introduction to laughter for health.  Laughter Yoga history, benefits and philosophy.  Complete laughter club session, along with explorations into gibberish, creativity, and deep relaxation.  Develop the ability to generate laughter easily and whenever you wish.

The Laughter Cruise. From hours to weekends (or longer).  Multiple daily laughter experiences assure a joyful time for all and pleasantly rewarding interpersonal relations (shared hilarity is the ultimate icebreaker).  Events may include: movie screenings, laughter ashore excursions, “Laughing with the Stars” (interacting with film clips), group film making, laughter in the news, creating new experience-based laughter exercises to share with the world.

Laughter Cruise Flyer

Laughter Cruise Pictures

Laughter Club Tours. Travel with a group of laughter-lovers, visit laughter clubs and leaders, and attend special events: in your neighborhood, or other parts of the world.  Itineraries may include Europe, New England and Southern California (USA).   Visit our sister site: LaughterAdventureTravel.

Creativity Retreats/Workshops – 3 hours to 3 days (or longer).  Explode through creative blocks, unleash unimaginable brilliance. Great for team building and strengthening friendships.  Modalities include:  Laughter Yoga, Zen-Speak (gibberish), art, music, playacting, improvisation, intuitive movement and surprises.

Share Laughter for Fun and Profit

The 2-Day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Training Flyer

*  Leader trainings are now produced On Demand (anywhere in the world).  Minimum attendance is 4.

One-on-One Training:  On Demand (anywhere in the world).

Provides hands-on experience and guidance in a multitude of exercises, extensive resources, and the history and philosophy of Laughter for Health.  This program is for those who want to experience an intensive, fun weekend of Laughter Yoga, to become certified and empowered to start Laughter Clubs, and to lead unconditional laughter experiences in a variety of communities.  You will learn how to release tension in a safe and joyful manner, how to share this ability with others, and be able to create an unlimited supply of laughter exercises.  You will laugh a lot.

The program is ideal for anyone who wants to spread the benefits of laughter.  Participants are: health care workers, coaches, teachers, fitness and yoga instructors, social workers, nurses, public speakers and corporate trainers.  It’s also a great way to share an anniversary or honeymoon.  Learn how to facilitate laughter for elders, schoolkids, and businesses.

Participants are awarded a “Certified Laughter Yoga Leader” diploma through our affiliation with Dr. Kataria’s Laughter Yoga University in India.  Certification is for life – there are no required renewal fees.  Graduates are authorized to start Laughter Clubs and to add Hasya Yoga to other practices.  Graduates are registered with the international Laughter Yoga headquarters in India.  Tuition includes 3 books by Jeffrey Briar.

This training can be delivered anywhere in the world.  Groups (minimum of four trainees) can arrange delivery of a training on demand.

A “Partial Online” option is now available, where the student does preparatory work (reading, watching videos, written reports, etc.) online at the student’s convenience, and attends a 1-day session of One-on-One coaching and leadership experience at Laguna Laughter Club.  Please write if you are interested in the Partial Online/One-on-One Coaching option.

Sign up for a Laughter Yoga Leader certification program


The 5-Day (minimum) Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

Flyer for a past Teacher Training

*  Teacher Trainings are now produced On Demand (group trainings in North America only).  Minimum attendance is 3.

One-on-One Training:  scheduled On Demand.

Advanced education on the field of therapeutic laughter.  This program is for those who want to experience an intensive, hilarious week of Laughter Yoga, to network with and learn from fellow laughter professionals.  Your trainer is an articulate teacher (the most experienced leader of Laughter Exercises in the world outside Asia) and authorized to deliver this program throughout North America.

Become certified and empowered to deliver the 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader certification trainings, and to lead unconditional laughter experiences to a wide variety of communities.  You will master laughing as a solo practice, deepen your knowledge of Laughter Meditation, experience yogic breathing and visualization techniques.  Discover the secrets of successful media appearances; marvel at multimedia presentations on how you can achieve financial success through Laughter-based Career Opportunities.

Participants are awarded a “Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher” diploma through our affiliation with Dr. Kataria’s  Laughter Yoga University.  Certification is for life – there are no required renewal fees.  Graduates are authorized to deliver the 2-day Leader Training and are registered with the international Laughter Yoga headquarters in India.  Tuition includes 3 books by Jeffrey Briar.  Tuition fee is $895.

Since 2013, at the urging of Dr. Kataria, we are offering One-on-One Teacher Training.  Trainees work closely with Master Trainer Jeffrey Briar; they attend Laughter Club sessions, classes at community/senior centers, public presentations and more.  One-on-One (or Small Group) Teacher Training takes place in and around Laguna Beach California, over more than 5 days, with variable hours.  Please inquire for other potential dates.   The student is responsible for their own lodging/meals.

The Teacher Training program has a prerequisite:  completion of a 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training (from any certified Teacher, worldwide).   Contact us to assist you in fulfilling this requirement.

Learn about One-on-One Training

Sign up for a Laughter Yoga Teacher certification program


The 5-Day Certified Laughter Exercise Coach Training

This intensive training program is original to The Laughter Yoga Institute.  Become proficient in the ability to lead Laughter Exercises.  Unlike the trainings from the Kataria School, the Certified Coach training does not include topics such as:  memorizing the history of the Laughter Yoga movement, developing a solo (alone) laughter practice, giving presentations to the media, and starting/promoting a Laughter Club.

Day 1 is an extended session (3- to 4-hours) of orientation, training and practice.  On Days 2, 3 and 4 trainees perform 1-hour laughter sessions with their colleagues/friends, during which each trainee has practice leading laughter exercises (without using jokes or comedy).  Day 5 concludes with an extended session of joyful laughter techniques and rigorous coaching.

Thanks to the regular and intensive supervised practice, students become proficient in leading Laughter Exercises and capable of running laughter sessions in the shortest possible time.  Graduates receive a diploma as a “Certified Laughter Exercise Coach” from the Laughter Yoga Institute.  Certification is for life – there are no required renewal fees.

This is a group-training program offered on an on-demand basis.

Yoga Studio Programs

Laughter Yoga shares much in common with traditional Hatha Yoga. Both were born in India and focus on integrating body and breath to improve physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Schedule a Laughter Yoga workshop or a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training at your venue.

View our Letter to Yoga Studios (PDF)

Laughter Practice for Business:

Relieve Stress to Improve Workplace Performance

Laughter exercises offer the opportunity to feel refreshed, stress-free and confident any time, providing all the physical and psychological benefits of laughing without the necessity of telling jokes or even feeling good to start.  In the workplace, absenteeism is reduced and job satisfaction increases.  The good communication and positive relations which result support an effective workforce.

Simple, repeatable, and easily learned, laughter-communication games are powerful tools for achieving employee satisfaction, improving morale while opening lines of communication.  People who laugh together are more likely to collaborate, to offer helpful suggestions, and to dissipate tensions that can otherwise accumulate on the job.

Discover the benefits of laughter in the workplace:

  • 15-minute “refresher” sessions allow participants to re-energize and focus
  • 45-minute Laughter Exercise sessions result in improved health, better personal relations, stronger self-esteem, and enhanced productivity
  • Training sessions enable managers to practice and learn laughter techniques to share in the workplace

Fees vary depending on program content, customization, and targeted results.

Speaker Services

Motivate with Laughter!

Jeffrey BriarMotivational Speaker

Jeffrey Briar, CLYT, CLL

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Certified Laughter Leader

Master Trainer for the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga

Director, The Laughter Yoga Institute of Laguna Beach

790 Manzanita Drive

Laguna Beach, CA  92651



Phone/FAX: 949 376-1939

949 315-5801 cell

Laughter Speaker Stimulates Action While Building Team Spirit

An enthusiastic and infectiously positive speaker, Jeffrey Briar energizes attendees and directs unforgettable laughter experiences.  Briar’s sessions dissipate stress while refocusing attendees.  Cheeks get rosy; eyes clear and twinkle; impish grins are everywhere to be seen; the room rapidly fills with friendly smiles.  His educational and experiential workshops serve to boost morale, improve retention, and encourage team-building and creativity.  As a laughter specialist, Briar recently appeared in programs on Oprah, the BBC, NBC, NPR, and the CNN Health and Happiness special with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. On Dancing with the Stars (viewed by 25 million people on ABC) Briar coached Harry Hamlin, star of L.A. Law, in laughter techniques, improving Hamlin’s scores significantly.  A recent API release on Mr. Briar and his work appeared in news publications throughout the world.

“Jeffrey Briar is an absolute leader in his field, utterly trustworthy, reliable and deserving of confidence…And perhaps best of all, he is an absolute joy to work with.”

— Janet Elkins, President, Event Works, Los Angeles, CA

Jeffrey Briar studied with Dr. Madan Kataria (creator of Laughter Yoga) and has completed both Leader and Teacher Trainings. Briar expanded his expertise by training with Steve Wilson (World Laughter Tour), earning the designation Certified Laughter Leader (2006).  In 2005, Briar founded the Laguna Laughter Club in Laguna Beach, California.  Within months, the Club became the first laughter club in the world outside of India to meet seven days per week, and the subject of national and international press. Since its inception, more than 20,000 people have participated in the Laguna Laughter Club.  Mr. Briar has personally led thousands of laughter sessions.  In 2006 he became Director of The Laughter Yoga Institute of Laguna Beach (  In 2009 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of AATH (the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor).  In 2010 he was selected to be one of only four (worldwide) Master Trainers for the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.

“This stuff really works!” — Harry Hamlin on Dancing with the Stars

After working with Jeffrey, Harry’s performance scores improved.

A teacher of traditional yoga since 1973, Briar has led classes and master classes throughout North America and Europe.  Currently on the faculty of Irvine Valley College in Orange County, California, his multi-faceted teaching manual, Moving Experiences, has been acclaimed nationwide.

Laughter clubMr. Briar is an accomplished comedic actor.  He co-founded the renowned “Cock & Feathers” troupe, bringing roll-in-the-aisles laughter to audiences numbering in the millions at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires (California, 1970s to 90s).  A member of SAG and AFTRA, Briar has performed throughout the world on stage and screen, in roles ranging from silent film comedians Charlie Chaplin and Stan Laurel to the bumbling Inspector Clouseau.  He is a also concert pianist and composer whose repertoire includes works of Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Scott Joplin; and Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”.

Thanks to his extensive experience as an educator, stage performer, and laughter specialist, you can rely on Jeffrey Briar for a presentation which will revitalize, inspire and delight your audience.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey Briar for many years.  His work is always of extraordinary quality.  Mr. Briar is a professional whose expertise can always be relied upon to create a successful event.” — Debby Avren, President, Avren Meeting Management, Los Angeles, CA

Presentation Topics  (all are experiential)

  • Group Laughter Practices Build Teams and Encourage Creativity Make the workplace joyful, dynamic and inspiring (in teams as well as solo).  Laughter enhances performance and raises employee job satisfaction instantly.
  • Laughter Yoga, a Breakthrough Health Technology History and practical benefits of unconditional heartfelt laughter for health.  Experience the positive effects immediately.
  • Laughter, Sex and Chocolate: Can We Have It All? People-pleasing presentation on the biochemistry of laughter and other sources of delight (includes chocolate-tasting segment).
  • Stress-Free in Seven Seconds Powerful, joyful techniques proven to eliminate worry and get happy, FAST.  Learn the practices favored by master laughter leaders worldwide.
  • Music to Make You Laugh Performance/Lecture with piano works (from Mendelssohn and Mozart to Ragtime and Boogie-Woogie) and hilarious laughter session.  Discover how great composers would AMAZE us and amuse us; feel how music can create laughter.
  • Endorphins: Free at Last Understanding and consciously creating the chemistry of happiness.
  • Laughter Kirtan An original expression from Jeffrey Briar; requires no singing ability.
  • Laughter for One Get your recommended daily dose of health-building laughter: any time, and in the most amazing places.
  • Laughter Spirituality explore the links between Laughter Yoga, Indian (Hindu) and Native American philosophies in a highly experiential program
  • Laughter and Relationships Explore complementary techniques from Laughter Yoga, Gibberish, Gestalt and Assertiveness techniques.

Published Works

  • The Laughter Yoga Book
  • The Great Big Anthology of Laughter Exercises (and) Laughter Exercises: The Great Big Anthology (the latter is available in Italian translation)
  • Laughter Exercise Photo Flash Cards
  • Moving Experiences – A Manual For Awakening
  • Dragon River – A Fable for Children of All Ages
  • Laughter Revolutionaries: Making the World Safe for Hilarity (now available in Italian translation)
  • Laughable Matters Newsletter; free copy at
  • Laughter Club in Real Time (DVD) Two full-length Laughter Exercise sessions with on-screen timing
  • Gibberish Kit (4 DVD set); with Dr. Madan Kataria
  • Gibberish Sets You Free! – Five Films on the Power of Talking Nonsense (DVD)


  • International Laughter Ambassador (from Dr. Madan Kataria), 2006
  • Laughter Ambassador Award (from the American School of Laughter Yoga), 2009
  • Special Hero Award (for film on how a grieving widow benefited from her participation in the Laguna Laughter Club), 2007
  • Composer’s Grant (The Celebration Foundation of Oregon; largest grant ever awarded by this philanthropic organization), 2001


Phone: 949 376-1939

Cell: 949 315-5801

To register or for information:

Contact Jeffrey Briar and The Laughter Yoga Institute at