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Benefits Of Laughter

Enhances the immune system

Relieves stress

Reduces blood pressure

Reduces pain

Increases endorphins, the body's natural painkillers

Improves lung capacity and oxygen levels

Provides a massage for internal organs

Is contagious, like yawning

May help prevent heart disease


American Journal of Medical Sciences, Alternative Therapies, Psychology Today,The Scientist of the University of Maryland Medical Center (as cited in The Orange County Register)

See Laughter Yoga live in action:


LaughFit! Workplace Wellness through Laughter

Laughter Yoga as a modality in workplace health and wellness programs.

Increase individual happiness in the workplace, and in turn:  reduce stress, improve health, drive business results and strengthen organizational cultures.

LaughFit! integrates Laughter Yoga into a dedicated program of Exercise Fitness, with consideration for varying populations and all levels of ability.

LaughFit! benefits people in corporations, non-profits, federal and state governments and non-governmental organizations throughout the world.

Methods of Delivery

  • LaughFit! Training programs give existing fitness professionals advanced education and certification in the Laughter Yoga modality, enabling them to validate and add the benefits of intentional laughter to their pre-existing class offerings and/or present dedicated LaughFit! sessions.
  • LaughFit! staff and graduate students can travel worldwide to deliver programs, seminars, and trainings.
  • We can design a curriculum specifically tailored to your community and your needs.

Business Benefits of Laughter Fitness

Group laughter has profound short- and long-term effects on mind and body that are meaningful to business leaders.

  • Stress Relief:  Unwinds the negative effects of stress by reducing stress-related hormone (cortisol) and peptide levels.
  • Elixir Effect:  Causes endorphin release, which has been shown scientifically to create a positive state of mind and boost optimism, self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.
  • Immunity Boost:  Increases the levels of anti-viral and anti-infection cells; also cells that fight cancer.
  • Brain Boost:  Increases the net supply of oxygen which enhances brain performance, creativity, and energy.
  • Creativity Boost:  Helps balance right-and-left brain function, allowing for the integration of original thinking with practical realizations of new ideas.
  • Culture Boost:  Increases motivation and enhances team-building, communication and collaboration.
  • Cost-Effective:  Minimal equipment and time resources are required to reap the many benefits of building a laughter practice in the workplace.









Bring the benefits of laughter to your workplace:

1)  Add LaughFit! to your Health and Wellness program using our certified practitioners, and/or

2)  Host a workplace happiness day and bring in LaughFit! experts to teach Laughter Yoga and other workshops.




LaughFit! is the heart-child of Valerie Sheppard and Jeffrey Briar and a joint venture between Source PowerTM and The Laughter Yoga Institute.